Dear Centenary Family,


When I was a very young girl, I became seriously ill with the flu.  Because of COVID-19, I recently recalled a conversation I had during my illness with my Grandpa Harris who was a young man during the flu pandemic of 1918.  He brought me treats and shared a story of how everyone had to wear a mask for a long time. He even showed me some pictures that verified his claim!  At the time, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like for everyone around me to have a mask on. Though one hundred years apart, the people of 1918 had to work and live differently while fighting a disease, eerily similar to our own experience this year. 


The year 2020 has been a year to remember.  Or perhaps one we would like to forget.  Dealing with COVID-19 since March has forced us to live our lives differently.  It has also forced us to find new ways to worship together and stay in contact with each other virtually as well as through phone calls and visits while keeping six feet away from each other. Thankfully, ministry has continued on during this time and we have been blessed to be able to provide worship and social interaction with your church via new and innovative platforms. 


Normally, about this time of the year, we would be planning for the annual ask for pledges for the next year so we can prepare the new budget.  For 2021, I am expecting a relatively flat budget. This year, our pledge campaign will be functioning differently. 


There will be no official pledge campaign for 2021. 

Rather, we are asking you to allow us to use the same pledge that you made in 2020 for 2021. 


Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, giving has declined during this season of COVID-19.  To those of you who are able, we ask you to consider an increase to your pledge as we work with the complexities and uncertainties of coming back together for classes, events and worship as we did before.  We also must continue caring for our facilities and taking good care of our incredible staff. Finally, the important missional needs are greater than ever now and we must be able to provide even more resources to our outreach partners. Of course with the impact of COVID-19, we fully understand that some of you may have to reduce your pledge.   


If you would like to adjust your current pledge, please contact me at or 336-724-6311 ext. 1346.  Otherwise, we will keep it the same for 2021 as it was in 2020.  If you have never made a pledge to the church and would like to do so, you can visit our Give tab on the website or just give me a call. As you have heard time and time again, we are in this together.   



we will continue to make Centenary a vital source of God's love 

as we restore programs, bring others to know Christ 

and care for each other in the coming days ahead. 



Mary Ann Wexler

Executive Director

Stairsteps of Congregational Giving

Click on the button below for a reveling breakdown of our congregation's giving patterns. Find where you are on this chart and ask yourself will you grow one step in the coming year?