Stephen Ministry

What Happens After I Make a Request?

Following a request, a Stephen Ministry referrals coordinator will contact the person and have a meeting to determine the need and if it is appropriate for Stephen Ministry (Some situations require professional help). Generally, Stephen Ministers meet with their Care Receivers weekly at a time and place of convenience for the Care Receiver.


The average length of a Stephen Ministry relationship is about 1 year.  However, there have been some relationships completed in 6 weeks or less, while others may go on for several years.  The important thing is that the relationship is moving forward toward the goal of the Care Receiver being able to go it alone and feel confident about the progress that has been made and what the future holds. Prayer is an essential part of this process.

A Testimony

A recent Care Receiver who is a member of Centenary shared the following comment about the experience: 

“Thank you for seeing me through this storm.  I really enjoyed getting to know you and feel blessed that our paths have crossed.  You have a gentle listening ear, and it felt so good to connect with a member of our church family during such a trying time.  You are doing wonderful, important work as a Stephen Minister.”

Contact Us

We hope that others at Centenary and elsewhere (non-members are welcome) who are going through difficulties—family situations, illness, divorce, death, relocation to elder care, job loss, most anything that causes concern and disruption to normal daily life—will consider asking for a Stephen Minister to walk through this experience with them. If you or someone you know might benefit from a Stephen Ministry relationship, please contact Rev. R. Craig Ford at ext. 1353, Deena Morgan at 336.764.4239, or Larry Oates at 336.816.6135


For information regarding Congregational Care contact Rev. R. Craig Ford, ext. 1353 (office) or 336.831.5997 (cell).

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