Why Small Groups?

Jesus gathered around him a small group of followers—the twelve Disciples. For three years they lived together, prayed together, served together, and ate meals together. They asked questions and discussed the Scriptures. They struggled with how to put Jesus’ teachings into practice. And they built the church after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. Small groups have been key to the growth of disciples ever since. John Wesley built the Methodist movement by developing small groups across England and in the American colonies. Small groups offer an aspect of spiritual development that cannot be found in other settings. When eight to twelve participants engage at a deeper level of learning, new friendships develop, you are able to ask questions and find answers together, and you can discover how others apply their faith to daily life. Here at Centenary we have a long tradition of small groups and continue to develop creative ways to grow this ministry. If you have not yet participated in a small group, please prayerfully consider one of these fine opportunities listed in this booklet. I promise you will grow in faith and knowledge of yourself and God. As always, these small groups are open to the community, you do not need to be a member of Centenary to participate. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Grace & Peace, 

Rev. Susannah Pittman

Epic of Eden

Thursdays • September 15 - November 3 • 10 am • Room 112 East Building

Join us as we journey through the people of God's prayer book, the Book of Psalms. This 8-week study, written by Biblical Studies professor Sandra Richter, offers an in-depth introduction to the psalms and explores how the psalms remain an essential part of our devotional lives today. Rev. Susannah Pittman will facilitate this class.

Women’s Bible and Book Study

Second Tuesday • October 11 - April 11 • 10 am • Room 107 East Building

How do we find JOY in the mundane, be more PRESENT over perfect, and rely more on God’s GRACE in all circumstances? We will explore these topics and more as we delve into the Bible, Mikala Albertson’s book, “Ordinary on Purpose” and many more resources, including a few guest speakers. This women’s Bible and book study will be facilitated by Margaret Townsend.

Saving Grace

Wednesdays • September 7 - October 19 • 6:30 - 8 pm • Room 107 East Building

Saving Grace: A Guide to Financial Wellbeing explores the financial wellness journey for those seeking to create healthy relationships with money and align faith with finance. Participants will learn skills and tools that support them in examining how to spend, save, give, budget, and achieve a sustainable financial life. This class will be facilitated by Don and Patsy Dwiggins. If childcare is needed, please register by August 29.

Getting to Know Your Bible for Adults

Sundays • September 18 - October 23 • 10 pm • Memorial Auditorium

This 6-week study provides an overview of the Bible and its major themes and explores how to use Biblical resources for study and personal devotion. This study is designed to support the families of Kindergarteners and 3rd graders who are participating in the “Getting to Know Your Bible” series, as well as any adult who seeks a general introduction to Scripture. Registration is not required. For questions or more information, please contact Rev. Susannah Pittman.

We Need To Talk: How to Have Hard Conversations in A Contentious Culture

Wednesdays • September 14 - 28 • 6:30 pm • Memorial Auditorium

Daily we are faced with opportunities to have hard conversations. At the same time, we are living in a contentious season where these conversations are increasingly difficult to have without conflict or divisiveness. The intent of this three-week study is to explore these conversations, learn some theologically grounded techniques for having them, and lower the tension around us even as we discuss hard things. The class will be a mix of lecture, discussion, group practice, and individual work in the weeks between sessions. Rev. Dr. Glenn Kinken will facilitate this class. If childcare is needed, please register by August 29.

When Helping Hurts

Wednesdays • October 5 - November 9 • 6:30 pm • Room 115 East Building

When Helping Hurts, written by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, offers a different framework for thinking about poverty and its alleviation. Rather than simply defining it as a lack of material things, the book addresses the roots of the issue. Rev. Meg Gaston will facilitate a group discussion of the book’s principles of poverty alleviation.

Journey of the Soul

Thursdays • September 22 - November 10

"Journey of the Soul: A Photographic Workshop" is coming on Thursday mornings, September 22 through November 10. This eight-week course will explore different words and how they might translate into images. You do not need a professional camera for this class. There will be hands-on learning and time for sharing. If you would like to learn more or have questions, please contact the course facilitator, Doug Peninger. To register, click on our link below.