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In 2015, a group of interested Centenary members came together and began to have conversations about Mental Health, and ways to bring education, comfort, and support, not only to our church members but to our community at large. Thus, a new ministry under the congregational care committee was started; Shining Light on Mental Health.

This Past Year

Providing monthly educational programming on diverse Mental Health topics. Programs included: 


  • A Family Journey through Mental Illness

  • From Mental Illness to a Renewed Mind

  • Help for Substance Use Disorder

  • Teen and Substance Abuse

  • Children and Anxiety

  • Support for Caregivers 

  • Our Faith Community Comes Together

  • Creating Caring Communities for Mental Health (Four ministers from the downtown churches participated in this conversation)

  • Reframing Healthy Eating

What Are We Doing Now?

Presently, our Centenary Shining Light on Mental Health committee is participating in a project with Duke Divinity School: Reimagining Health Collaborative: Church and Mental Health. Our committee is excited about this opportunity to engage in focused theological education around health and medicine.

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