ALL YOUTH in Mission trip to Mountain TOP (Tennessee Outreach Project) 
June 19th- 26th, 2022 

Some of my fondest memories growing up in youth group were getting to participate in summer mission trips.  There is something amazing and mystical that happens when a group of people come together for the common purpose of working hard, laughing out loud, making new friendships, and growing their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

If you are a Middle Schooler, this week is for YOU!  If you are a graduating High School senior, this week is for YOU!  Whether you are just beginning mission work for the first time or if you have served a hundred times, this invitation is for YOU!  Our prayer is that we can not only help make someone’s life a little easier through our mission work but that each of us can be drawn into a deeper relationship with Jesus and one another. 

Why Mountain TOP (Tennessee Outreach Project)?  Mountain TOP is an interdenominational, non-profit Christian Mission affiliated with the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Their foundational objective is to meet the physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of the people of the Cumberland Mountain region.  They see all four needs as equally important.  Through home repair and day camps, Mountain TOP seeks to meet all of those needs.  They serve in partnership with other agencies, churches, local government, businesses, and community leaders to help develop the communities in which they work. 

Mountain TOP is an all-encompassing mission experience.  From the moment we arrive on Sunday (June 19th) until we leave on the following Saturday (June 26th) we will be immersed in the Mountain TOP community. Not only will we be working on houses and sharing the love of God with our homeowners, but we will also be growing as a community of brothers and sisters in Christ. The whole experience is designed to help us grow in our faith and our love for others. 

On Saturday (June 25th) when we leave Mountain TOP, we will travel to Asheville to spend the night and enjoy the city. Sunday morning, we will head to Marshall, NC for a day of white-water rafting before heading home that evening.   


The cost of our trip is $775 per person. 


The cost of our trip includes your Mountain TOP registration fee, construction materials, food at camp, trip t-shirt, van rentals, gas, white-water rafting trip, and our activities and our hotel stay in Asheville on Saturday night.  It DOES NOT include your food on the way to and from Tennessee or any spending money you may wish to have. 


The payment schedule: 

  • November 1st: REGISTRATION OPENS! Requires a completed registration and $250 non-refundable deposit. 

  • April 1st: $275 due 

  • June 1st:  $250 due 


(As always scholarships are available.  Please contact Tammy Pollock)