DAYBreak regularly takes trips out on the town. On these trips, we have visited many places such as, art galleries, botanical gardens, restaurants, the River Run Film Festival, the Richard Childress Racing Museum, and Mrs. Hanes’ Moravian Cookies.

Special Guests

We have many special guests who come to DAYBreak, whether they are artists, musicians, public figures, or public speakers. These special guests come in and lead our participants in activities such as water-color painting, pottery, sing-a-longs, and gardening or just come visit and discuss their roles in the city and help keep our participants informed on the events in their community.


On a regular basis, DAYBreak offers a range of moderate level exercises for our participants. Exercises include walks, yoga, balance and coordination strengthening. These exercise opportunities help to improve and maintain the motor skills of our participants so they can continue to be active.