As a ministry who focuses on caring for our planet, we have partnered with a number of local organizations to help spread our mission.

Betty and Jim Holmes Food Bank Garden

The Creation Care Ministry encourages Centenary groups and members to volunteer time each growing season at the Food Bank Garden on the campus of the Children’s Home on Reynolda Road. We helped to develop the raised bed portion of the garden and sponsor one of these beds each summer as a ministry team. Anyone is welcome to share your skills or come and develop your gardening abilities with us! 

Stream Cleanup

We have adopted a portion of Silas Creek along the greenway near Shaffner Park. Twice each year we take a group of Centenary members during the cleanup events of Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful and pick up debris. The Great American Cleanup is held in the Spring and The Big Sweep is usually the first Saturday in October. Keeping the watershed clean is an important part of our creation care efforts.

Tree Planting

Each fall, we take a group of Centenary members to plant trees on Community Roots Day held on a Saturday in October. Trees add value to our community such as cool shade, abating soil erosion, adding nutrients to the soil, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.