As a ministry of Centenary, we believe it is important to not just spread our message into the world, but to also impart the message in ourselves as a congregation.

In-House Efforts

Each year, the Creation Care Team works to improve Centenary’s effect on our natural world. Projects have included the development of flower beds, conducting an energy use analysis which resulted in a 12% reduction in electrical usage, discontinuing the use of Styrofoam products, switching the church to single-stream recycling, and more. In 2017 we plan to install motion-controlled light switches throughout the church building.

Poinsettia Sharing

After Christmas, many of the poinsettias of the Advent-Christmas season go unclaimed. After seeing these plants being thrown out, one of our team members arranged for the Creation Care Team to share these plants with area low-income residents who likely couldn’t purchase houseplants. In this way, we “recycle” and “reuse” these beautiful flowers to bring in the new year and beautify some of our neighbor’s homes.


Each year the Creation Care Team arranges with Gallins Farm to compost our food waste at Worship in the Park and the Pentecost Festival when we hold church-wide covered dish dinners. In return, Gallins Farm donates some of their compost to the Betty and Jim Holmes Food Bank Garden to help grow food for hungry families in our community.