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We’re the most “connected” society ever, yet we’re the loneliest. After more than a year of separation, we long to reconnect with others and yearn for something more in life. This fall, you’re invited to make connections that matter in a Connection Group with Centenary. Connection Groups are a new kind of small group that meets weekly in homes, the church, or online so you can grow closer in community with each other and spiritually with God. Nothing to study. Just authentic conversations about life and faith for 8 weeks, together.

Why Are Connection Groups Important?

At Centenary, we want to be a church filled with people learning to live and love more like Jesus every day. We want to encourage you in becoming the person God intends you to be, helping make our broken world, community, and lives better. This is hard to do on your own or just by coming to church on Sunday. Growing spiritually is just like getting in shape, learning something new, or forming a new habit. You have to work at it consistently over time if you want to see results, and that’s a lot easier to do with others. 

Connection Groups are a small group of people whose sole purpose is to watch over each other in love as you go through life together.

Growing Closer With God and Each Other

Connection Groups are a safe place to have authentic conversations about life and faith. They aren’t study groups where you may feel you don’t know enough or “touchy-feely” groups that may make you uncomfortable. They’re a mix of faith, fellowship, and fun where you can be yourself as you grow closer with God and other people looking for the same things you are. They’re all about community and making connections. 


In a Connection Group, you’ll practice paying more attention to what’s going on spiritually in your life and talking about it with others as you are comfortable. You may read a Bible verse and discuss what it means. You’ll also build meaningful relationships with others. Laugh together. Eat together. Pray for each other. Serve in the community. And answer questions like: “How is your life with God?” 

If you want to learn more about how Connection Groups are structured, check out this book on early Methodist small groups: The Class Meeting: Reclaiming the Forgotten (and Essential) Small Group Experience.

What Is the Format of a Connection Group?

Groups meet for an hour and a half, once a week, starting the week of September 12th. They generally meet in homes, though some meet at church or online. Various times are available. For those meeting at church, childcare may be available if needed.


Each meeting starts with a few minutes of getting to know each other and catching up. Then your leader will introduce the weekly theme and guide the conversation. After the discussion, you close in prayer.

Try It for 8 Weeks and See What Happens

We’re asking members and friends of Centenary to make an 8-week commitment to be in a Connection Group and experience the difference this intentional weekly time will make in your life. You’ll grow spiritually and in new relationships, work together in a service project and eat at least one group meal. Then you’ll have the option of continuing to meet with the group, moving to another group, or taking a break. Additional groups will start in January.

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