Building Project Process

Process for the Centenary Building Project

1. Master Plan Update Team presents to Trustees March 10, 2016.


2.Trustees processes and then makes a proposal to Church Council.


3. Church Council - If Church Council achieves consensus to proceed with a proposed renovation or construction plan exceeding 25% the value of the existing facility or require mortgage financing, then the Book of Discipline requires the following steps take place (Par 2544 2012 BOD).


4. Study Committee - Complete a study that includes an analysis of the church and community.


5. Secure the written permission of both the pastor and the District Superintendent for the remodeling project.


6. Request a Charge Conference of the local church to authorize the building project at a regular or called meeting. (This is not a church wide meeting but those elected to Church Council and authorized to vote in a Charge Conference per BOD Par. 246.2) Purpose of this vote is to authorize the building project, electing a Building Committee and a separate Capital Campaign/Financing Committee. This could also include authorizing using a Financial Consultant to assist. Funds will need to be authorized at this point as well.


7. The Building Committee - uses the Study Committee's and the Master Plan Update Committee's work to ascertain preliminary architectural plans as well as define cost estimate.


8. The Capital Campaign Committee - comes up with preliminary financial plan for the estimated cost of the project including estimate of membership pledges and amount to borrow.


9. District Building and Church Location approval - Involves approval of the statement of need, preliminary architectural plans, preliminary cost estimate and preliminary financial plan.


10. Church Conference - This involves a church wide vote of all professing members of the congregation approving the 4 items listed above. A majority vote of membership present and voting shall be required for approval of preliminary plans.


11. Building Committee - Then develops detailed plans and reliable estimation of costs. This will include bidding out project and securing final architects/building company.


12. Capital Campaign Committee - completes the Capital Campaign to finalize estimated congregational financial support.


13. District Board of Building and Church Location - Final plans will be resubmitted to the District Board for final approval.


14. Building Project can begin!

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