Faith is a journey where we discover who we are and how to live within the community. Our practice of Faith leads us into the web of relationships with others who live beside us, as well as, all across the world. Our Faith then becomes real when we realize God is with us and always has been, calling us to go deeper into the discovery of our true self as one who bears the image of the divine One. If you are interested in this journey we would love to walk with you. We offer various opportunities to go deeper through wrestling with the texts of both the Christian and Hebrew scriptures, learning how they still speak to our lives and lead us to find hope, discover peace and how to love one another.

If you have any questions about this ministry please contact, Rev. Bret Cogan.

Adult Spiritual Formation Classes

Maybe you went to Sunday School as a child, maybe you didn’t, nonetheless, we believe Spiritual Formation touches both our minds and hearts, transforming the way we see the world around us and how we then engage the people we meet. Here at Centenary, our desire is to help you discover, study, learn and live your faith. We offer Spiritual Formation Groups (Sunday School for Adults) for people of all ages who are ready to ask hard questions and dig deeper into their faith. We encourage you to wrestle with wonder, as well as, ponder doubt.

Small Group Formation Opportunities

We live in a big world that moves at a fast pace. It can either wear you out or energize you! Small groups are gatherings of people just like you, and some who may run along a different path. Either way, small groups are a place to meet new people and discover deeper unseen before truths about the world we live in and the people we live beside stimulating our faith that enlivens our hearts and minds!

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is the Practice of what we say we believe.

"Spiritual Formation is a process of being conformed to the image of Christ, a journey into becoming persons of compassion, persons who forgive, persons who care deeply for others and the world, persons who offer themselves to God to become agents of divine grace in the lives of others and their world – in brief, persons who love and serve as Jesus did." ~ Invitation to a Journey by M. Robert Mulholland, Jr.​

The Wesley Prayer Challenge


We began the New Year with a prayer that has been used by Methodists since 1755. It is known as The Wesley Covenant Prayer. Many people around the world and through the centuries have used this prayer to deepen their faith. For some it has become a guide for their lives. It was John Wesley’s expectation that the people called Methodists would use this prayer to renew their faith through fulling trusting God’s love and grace to care for and lead them. 


Do you want to renew your passion in 2021? Would you like to deepen your faith and grow in your understanding of how to follow Jesus in the daily movements of your life? Then, I invite you to join me on a 21-Day journey into prayer through “The Wesley Prayer Challenge” by Chris Folmsbee. We will begin on January 17, 2021. Our Senior Minister, Glenn Kinken, will use his sermons to lead and inspire us each week as we consider the words of the Wesley Covenant Prayer each day for three weeks. As we move through the prayer, we will reflect on its meaning and then consider how to respond to its guidance through our daily reflections. 

Week 1: 1/17-1/23 – Read Part 1 with its daily readings

Week 2: 1/24-1/30 – Read Part 2 with its daily readings

Week 3:1/31-2/6 – Read Part 3 with its daily readings


You can purchase the book HERE


These three weeks of daily reading include Scripture, reflection on this covenant prayer, and a challenge for each day as our response.  Choose how you want to engage, as an individual, with your family, or by joining a weekly discussion by following the links below. On Sunday at 9:30 am, Mondays at 7:00 pm, or on Wednesdays at Noon. In these Zoom meetings we will discuss and consider the daily readings from the previous week.  If you have questions about this congregational opportunity please contact Rev. Bret Cogan



SUNDAY • 9:30 am DISCUSSION LINK with Doug Haynes

January 24, January 31 & February 7


MONDAY • 7:00 pm DISCUSSION LINK with Rev. Bret Cogan

January 25, February 1 & February 8



January 27, February 3 & February 10

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