2020 Stewardship

Dear Centenary UMC Family,


Abundant Gratitude is about giving with an abiding sense of generosity for the blessings which we have received, and continue to receive, from God. Abundant Gratitude is giving from our hearts so that the ministries of Centenary UMC may grow and flourish, so that others may themselves experience the abundance of God’s blessings which we receive each week.


As you begin to prayerfully consider what you will commit to support the ministries of Centenary UMC for next year, I ask you to consider the abundant blessings God has bestowed upon you. Then, with a grateful heart, consider what your generous gifts to God might accomplish through the ministries of Centenary UMC. 

For example, we currently spend about 5% of our ministry budget to support mission and outreach ministries which help the homeless, aid the working poor, care for children in crisis, undergird our mission partners in Haiti, and feed the hungry. I have a dream that we would increase our mission support to 10% of our budget. Imagine the difference we can make in the world by reaching that level of mission support. We can do great missions through your abundant generosity!

Next year, our renovated facilities will be open for ministry once again!  What an exciting time it will be for our church. Our staff and leadership are already dreaming of new faith formation ministries for children, youth and adults, hands-on engagement opportunities with ministry partners using our facilities, and developing new possibilities for outreach to the community. In addition to using the renovated spaces, these new ministries will need volunteers and financial resources to launch and grow. We will only accomplish these new possibilities through your abundant generosity. 


I believe that Centenary UMC and its membership is called to make a difference in the world at this specific time in history and in this city. We are already making a difference, but God is calling us to have a bigger impact. That will be possible because leaders such as you are willing to step out on faith, complete the enclosed commitment card, and give with a heart focused on abundant generosity for the opportunities that God has given us. We look forward to receiving your commitment for 2020.




Rev. Dr P. Glenn Kinken III
Senior Minister

Stewardship 2020 Devotional Booklet.jpg

Devotional Book

This booklet is designed to provide you with a daily devotional to help you reflect and pray about your stewardship participation in the coming year. As we prepare for Commitment Sunday I invite you to start reading a daily devotion on October 6 so the last devotion will time out for October 20 when we will celebrate our commitment together as a church family. May God inspire you in new ways to share your time, talents, and financial resources out of your abundance so that we as a church can serve God’s Kingdom to the best of our ability. 

2020 Stewardship Stairs & Weekly Income_

Stairsteps of Congregational Giving

Click on the image to the left for a reveling breakdown of our congregation's giving patterns. Find where you are on this chart and ask yourself will you grow one step in the coming year?


If you have questions or would like to learn more please contact Mary Ann Wexler.

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